May 2012

Our services include:

- End-user introduction
Contract negotiation and closure
- Sampling inspection & verification, pre-inspections & other quality verifications
- FOB or CIF, namely vessels nomination and laycan and hull pre-inspection
- Timely documentation management such as shipping, invoices, payments etc.
- Execution and management of all terms and conditions of contracts to the mutual satisfaction of all parties
- Financing

As brokers and contracts managers a nominal Agency Fee is applicable and negotiated directly with the producer.

Benefits of using our services:

Considering our unique position globally and especially in Europe:
- We represent all year around buyers:

This allows us to continue with purchasing and delivering wood pellets in the Summer, when your consumer market runs low.

- We help your cash-flow:

Due to the volume order and immediate payment against delivery, our streamlined process allows your cash-flow to remain intact.

- We help you with your Storage, Logistics & Marketing costs:

Our unique business model, our unique position in the market and our all year around purchasing and delivering model permits us to reduce your storage, logistics and marketing costs. This unique approach further allows us to reduce the risk of pellet deterioration by shortening storage time.

Our European Affiliate:

Wood Pellet Services

Dear Colleague,

It is a well know fact that in all industries, finance is the fundamental key in securing success for an emerging or expanding business. Undoubtedly, wood pellet industry is not an exception to this global rule.

For any North American producer of wood pellets, securing finance is the essential and focal deciding element for:

- Designing an adequate new production plant or expanding an existing one
- Purchasing the necessary machinery, equipment and replacement parts
- Securing the availability and flow of the raw materials
- Marketing and establishing professional representation in the global market place
- Developing a reliable logistics network or expanding the existing ones for delivering the wood pellets to the end users


Bio Wood Pellet Finance

Considering the North American open market; it is well understood by wood pellet producers that business initiatives of such magnitude would hardly receive government subsidies. Therefore, securing finance for continuing or expanding a wood pellet operation remains an internal task of a business. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the financial challenge may well hinder the continuation of an existing operation and/or its expansion.

As the senior executive level key players in both the European and North American Wood Pellet  markets, this is where our key role in assisting the North American producers of Wood Pellet becomes prominent.

Specifically, our European affiliate, Wood Pellet Services, goes a long way bridge the gap with a two-tier approach:

1- Indirect Support:

Merely as a professional business gesture and absolutely independent from Wood Pellet Services and without its involvement thereafter, the producers may be introduced directly to well established European business Finance Houses. Any fees are agreed directly between the producer and the Finance House. Subject to mutual agreement, the financier may:

- advise the producers on the optimal financing strategy for developing or expanding a wood pellet plant in their region.
- arrange debt and equity financing from banks and institutions at market rates for suitable projects.
- collaborate closely with a producer during the entire process from Case building, Planning, Promotion and through to Closing the final deal.

2- Direct support:

- Wood Pellet Services will broker long-term sales agreements (5-10 years) with industrial end users thus ensuring cash flow.
- The producers are introduced directly to experienced and quality proven EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors, who may directly consider equity investment in the producers' projects.

In general, as senior executive level key players in both the European and North American Wood Pellet markets; with utmost professionalism, we have been extremely successful in representing the North American producers in this overseas market and securing financially attractive long term contracts and financial support. Furthermore, we will continue our role in providing the qualified North American producers with pragmatic solutions and financial support, including raising funds through exclusive sources, and the offer of guaranteed flexible long term contracts.

On behalf of bio wood pellet, Canada, and its European business affiliates,


Rahmat Ushaksaraei, AInstIB, P.Eng., PMP

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