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wood pellets are coming in different shapes, sizes and grades.

the most accepted wood pellet globally is produced according to the DIN 51731 and the EN 14961-2 standards.

the grade and conformance of the wood pellet produced by your plant is tested by our independent lab and according to the DIN 51731 and the EN 14961-2 standards. 

prior to becoming an accepted producer for the global market, following are the checklist of minimum required information and readiness, which will be required by us:

your plant:

- equipment details such as capacity, manufacturer, age
- raw materials type (Pine, Oak, Eucalyptus, etc) and percentages used
- installed capacity
- start-up date (if not operating already)
- production start date
- analysis of the product (if in production or in tests)
harbour (for FOB option):

- location
- peer length
- draft
- loading rate

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