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in a competitive European wood pellet market, what provides a North American producer with a leading edge is twofold:

1- ability in meeting the annual volume demand at the expected quality
2- in depth knowledge of the market and having the direct, local and senior level contacts with the buyers & end users developed via long term and established business relations

as long as meeting the demand at the expected quality is not an issue, with proven track records, Bio Wood Pellet and its senior level European business affiliates may act as the gateway in professionally representing you in the European continent and securing long term contracts for your wood pellet product.

in summary, our business model allows us:

- to facilitate and create long-term stable relationships between Producers and End-Users, with direct contracts;

- to facilitate and streamline procurement, logistics, quality, sampling and analysis, freights and corresponding document management matters;

as a result, when it comes north american wood pellet producers, our unique and bi-directional position in the market makes us the number one, capable and trusted choice for finding the appropriate buyers and securing long term contracts globally.

for representing your products internationally, please use the "reach us" feature and contact us directly.

On behalf of our global business affiliates,


Rahmat Ushaksaraei, AInstIB, P.Eng., PMP

bio wood pellet

GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links

accrete, The Business Excellence Realization
founder & president

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