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as a global group of business affiliates, we have been active in the Wood Pellet business over the past ten years. building on this vast experience and the in-depth market knowledge and expertise, we strongly believe that our background in trading, plant design, pellet production and sales, full familiarity with the market and long term senior level business relations with the key end users  have collectively placed us in a unique position to focus our current and future activities on the brokerage side of the wood pellet sector.

moreover, the growth and current market maturity level have turned the market in our favour and presented itself with unparalleled opportunities. we have existing contracts in the Baltic Region, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, US, Canada and Brazil and continually seek and secure new ones.
in essence, we are more than capable in representing you and your product in the European market and in some cases guarantee your project finance for medium or long term contracts ranging in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 years period. furthermore, to protect your long term financial interest, we are able to adjust the base price to an annual index, which covers most of the variables that affect your industry such as raw materials, inflation, freight costs, oil price and other factors.

our business model:
via rendering the following unique services, our prime objectives are to firstly remove the burden of dealing with the international trading complexity and streamline connecting you directly to the buyers and end users:
- end-user introduction
- contract negotiation and closure
- sampling inspection & verification, pre-inspections & other quality verifications 
- FOB or CIF, namely vessels nomination and laycan and hull pre-inspection
- timely documentation management such as shipping, invoices, payments etc.
- execution and management of all terms and conditions of contracts to the mutual satisfaction of all parties

additional benefits:

considering our unique position globally and specially in Europe:
- we represent all year around buyers: this allows us to continue with purchasing and delivering wood pellet in the Summer, when your consumer market runs low
- we help your cash-flow: Due to the volume order and immediate payment against delivery, our streamlined process allows your cash-flow to remain intact.
- we help you with your storage, logistics & marketing costs: our unique business model, our unique position in the market and our all year around purchasing and delivering model permits us to reduce your storage, logistics and marketing costs. this unique approach further allows us to reduce the risk of pellet deterioration by shortening storage time.

in essence and simply put:

we connect you to the right buyer, do the negotiation on your behalf and secure financially attractive long term contracts for you!

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